Theology After Google

In an effort to not look bad in front of a class I am helping to lead, I figured I too should enter the blogosphere and stop being lazy.  I’ll be blogging as a part of above mentioned class, Theology After Google, in Claremont.  The class is also part of a larger event–a conference on Theology After Google–that you are all invited to attend!

This week we’ve been reading Jeff Jarvis’s book What Would Google Do? Check out a summary of the book, or read Tripp Fuller’s blog, which raises some pertinent and engaging questions on applying the Google worldview (Google-view?) to churches and denominations.

I’m excited about our class discussion today and will post the results later!


Author: Jeremy

I am happiest outside, surrounded by trees or water. I rarely go anywhere without my camera, and I actively seek ways to connect my work as a philosopher and theologian with regular people who are trying to make sense of this world.

One thought on “Theology After Google”

  1. One way in which I as a Pastor have been effected and infected by the Google mindset. Is in the area of sermon prep and delivery, which comes down to the questions I ask my self and the purpose in the delivery. I find during prep asking; will this start a conversation I mean a real conversation next week among the people. Likewise when I deliver the message I ask; is this a conversation? do I respect and need their input? Is something Google going on here? This way has been nothing short of a revelation in my preaching style and a wonderful Google experience.

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