the medium is the message

Callid Keefe-Perry put together this video on the medium and the message for the Theology After Google class, and I am glad he did.  He brings up Marshall McLuhan’s oft-quoted phrase: “the medium is the message.”  Yet Keefe-Perry takes this a step further, entering the theological realm, by suggesting that “how we express ourselves can sometimes change how we experience the world.”  And moreover, “how we express our experience of the divine can change our experience of the divine.”  I love this thought, and I completely agree.  Creative expression of our experiences of God can lead to deeper understanding of God’s creativity, God’s mystery, or God’s nearness.  I wonder what would happen if we freed members of our churches to take on their own mediums of expression.  How would their various expressions change their experience of the divine, and how would that changed experience alter the conversations within our churches?  Would we still be so concerned with structures and dogma, or would other priorities take precedence?


Author: Jeremy

I am happiest outside, surrounded by trees or water. I rarely go anywhere without my camera, and I actively seek ways to connect my work as a philosopher and theologian with regular people who are trying to make sense of this world.

2 thoughts on “the medium is the message”

  1. I believe that opening people up to experiencing the divine through creative expression, for many, would move them from knowledge about the divine to an actual experience.

  2. Thanks for thinking it so useful! Just as a note to those who might be interested, the video is part of the post on The Image of Fish, found over here: . It has more info/links about him and I’d love to hear any comments or why you all might think it is useful.

    Relatedly, my phrase “how we express our experience of the divine can change our experience of the divine” is the basis of the work that I do on , and will be the origins of my participation at the (Roland Faber instigated) Theopoetics conference at Claremont in April.



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